Dental Sealants – Colchester, VT

Protecting Young Smiles Against Decay

The most effective and healthiest care we can take of ourselves is preventative. When teeth develop during childhood, they form grooves and deep depressions that catch food and plaque. When plaque is left in these hard-to-reach areas, decay occurs. These deep depressions can be so deep and microscopic that toothbrush bristles cannot reach to clean them! That is why the American Dental Association, American Association for Pediatric Dentistry, and we recommend sealants on posterior (premolars and molars) teeth for children. Dental sealants from our Colchester, VT dentist are a preventive flowable material that is applied to the grooves of teeth to “seal out” plaque and food. The dental sealant acts as a barrier to prevent food and bacteria from sticking in these fissures and turning into cavities. They can also protect the surface enamel from acids and plaque!

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How Do Dental Sealants Work?

Animated row of teeth with dental sealants in Colchester

Sealants are super easy for your dentist or hygienist to apply – they are painted directly onto the tooth and hardened with a curing light. Sealants are recommended as early as possible on posterior erupting permanent teeth to reduce the likelihood of developing pit and fissure decay. Sealants are strong enough to handle normal chewing and can last many years before they need to be reapplied. Painless and preventative!

Sometimes, these grooves become stained and soft, but are not yet cavities. In certain instances, your dentist may want to clean out the fissures and place a thicker material to prevent further growth of the stain into a cavity. We call these preventative resin restorations. At Elevate Dental, we believe that conservative preventative care is always the best choice. Call us today!