Digital Dental X-Rays – Colchester, VT

A Safe and Effective Diagnostic Tool

In the past, dentists had to rely on traditional film X-Rays to see beneath patients’ gumlines and make accurate diagnoses of their oral health needs. Today, though, digital dental X-rays in Colchester are available. They are superior to their old-fashioned counterparts in numerous ways. Would you like to learn more about how our practice uses digital X-Rays to protect your oral and overall health? Read on below to discover some fascinating facts about this technology .

How Do Digital Dental X-Rays Work?

Dentist holding printout of digital dental x ray and speaking to happy patient

Digital X-Rays work similarly to traditional X-Rays in many ways, but with a few big differences. One such difference is that digital technology in Colchester allows us to capture images of a patient’s teeth and jawbones with significantly less radiation than film X-Rays. Digital X-Rays also allow for faster diagnostics because there is no need to go and develop film images.

For a successful X-Ray, all you have to do is stay still for a few seconds after we properly position you close to the X-Ray machine. We may also have you bite down on a small piece of material so we can capture clear, easy-to-read images.

How Often Do I Need Dental X-Rays?

Patient and dentist examining digital x ray together

We usually take a full set of X-Rays for any patients who are new to our practice. This allows us to get to know your oral health so we can develop a personalized plan for your smile’s future well-being. Thereafter, we usually take X-Rays once a year, or whenever you are concerned about symptoms that might indicate the need for us to use radiography.

Benefits of Digital Dental X-Rays

Happy patient and dental team member looking at dental x ray

Here are some of the greatest benefits of visiting a local dental office that offers digital radiography:

  1. Enhanced Images:  These X-Rays are captured using digital sensors instead of the traditional X-Ray film. These sensors produce quality images that are saved onto the computer. High resolution and accuracy mean that more information is available for the dentist to use. In addition to computer images of the teeth, images can also be captured of the gums and other oral structures.
  2. Enlargement Options:  When you are looking at a traditional X-Ray film, the image can only be viewed at actual size. Digital images can be enlarged, giving the dentist the option to zoom in on potential problems.
  3. Immediate Viewing:  Traditional X-Ray film required a waiting period while the film was developed. Now, the digital tools provide immediate viewing of the imaged area. The photos can be pulled up on a computer screen right after the images are captured.
  4. Improved Diagnostics:  Having access to clear pictures and more information increases the accuracy of diagnostics. Patients can rest assured knowing that the diagnosis and treatment plan is customized based on the exact specifications in their mouth. Digital X-Rays-rays can reveal inconspicuous issues such as hidden areas of decay, infections in the bone, gum disease, tumors, and other abnormalities that are out of sight during a visual examination.
  5. Save Time and Money:  Early detection methods using digital X-Rays help to minimize the treatments that are required. As a result, patients can save both time and money by avoiding more invasive procedures.
  6. Reduced Radiation:  Researchers have found that the radiation levels are reduced by up to 70% compared to traditional X-Ray equipment. Lowering the radiation helps to decrease the potential side effects and long-term risk of X-Ray exposure.
  7. Electronic Storage:  The dental office can keep these files in storage indefinitely. Instead of having stacks of paperwork and files, digital images can be kept securely in the cloud for future reference as needed.
  8. Easy Access:  If your digital X-Rays need to be stored or shared, you have the option to receive a printed copy of the images. Also, these images can be sent through electronic systems to insurance companies, helping to speed up the process for certain insurance claims.
  9. Environmentally Friendly:  Since film processing chemicals are not required, digital X-Rays offer a way to reduce pollution. Digital images can be captured without leftover chemicals that are hazardous waste. 

Digital X-Rays are just one of the many advanced instruments that we use at Elevate Dental. Contact us today to learn more about the innovative tools that we use to care for our patients.