Frequently Asked Dental Questions – Colchester, VT

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Every day, our patients bring us any number of questions about our dental office and their own oral health. No matter what you want to know, we’re more than happy to give you a detailed, helpful answer. After all, making fully informed decisions is a must for enjoying truly excellent dental care! On this page, you’ll find the answers to some of the questions that we hear on a regular basis. Don’t see your own inquiry? Get in touch with our team at Elevate Dental in Colchester to ask us directly. 

I’ve been missing teeth for a long time and I’m ready for dental implants. Am I a candidate?

During an implant consultation, we use a 3D imaging CBCT system that helps determine if you are a candidate for dental implants. After a tooth is lost, the bone may remodel and shrink over time. Patients typically have a window of opportunity of about 1 year to place an implant after a tooth has been extracted, but not always!

What are my options in cosmetic dentistry?

We offer dental veneers, teeth whitening, and more to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

Can I get teeth whitening if I have sensitive teeth?

We will evaluate your situation and make recommendations accordingly. Sometimes, a professional at-home whitening treatment is best for people with especially sensitive teeth. We’ll usually recommend a prescription fluoride toothpaste to help reduce sensitivity after use of whitening products.

Can I bring my young children to you for dental care?

Yes! Our team is pleased to offer children’s dentistry. We suggest you bring your little one in for their first visit around age one, then begin regular six-month visits around age three.

Do you offer dental financing?

Payment is expected at the time of service, unless prior arrangements are made. If you do not have dental insurance, or if you do but could use help paying for your dental care, we are pleased to work with CareCredit. It works like a credit card you swipe at the time of service, then make payments on it for up to 6 months. Find out if you’re approved today.